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When you want to start betting on sports from Hong Kong, you likely want to deposit, bet and withdraw Hong Kong Dollars to avoid currency exchange fees. Find out which betting sites offer Hong Kong Dollar accounts.

If you want to bet on sports from Hong Kong, you are only supposed to do so through the local Hong Kong Jockey Club.  As such, most of the top sports betting sites have decided to refuse service to people that live in Hong Kong.  However, several top online bookmakers will still accept your registration.  Each of the three services listed below also offer betting accounts in Hong Kong Dollars so you may deposit and withdraw your native national currency without exchanging funds and incurring the hidden 5% exchange fee.

Note that Skrill is the most popular e-wallet solution that provides Hong Kong Dollar account balances to complement your HKD betting account so you may avoid exchange fees.  Skrill is accepted both bookmakers below.

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Low margins mean some of the best odds

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Most currencies, very high odds, nice bonus offer

About the Hong Hong Dollar

The Hong Kong dollar with HK$ and three-letter code 'HKD' is the official currency of Hong Kong. It is subdivided into 100 cents. Through its history, the Hong Kong dollar has been pegged against both the Pound Sterling and the US Dollar.  Prior to issuance of the HKD, residents of Hong Kong used many currencies within its territory including Indian rupees, Spanish dollars, Mexican pesos, and Chinese coins for everyday cash transactions.  As of 2016, the Hong Kong dollar is the thirteenth most traded currency in the world.  The foreign currency against which the Hong Kong Dollar is most traded is the US Dollar.  Are you wondering about the latest Hong Kong Dollar exchange rates?  Convert HKD to USD now or convert HKD to GBP now.