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Norwegian Krone Bookmakers

When you want to start betting on sports from Norway, you likely want to deposit, bet and withdraw Norwegian Kroner to avoid currency exchange fees. Find out which betting sites offer Norwegian Krone accounts.

If you want to bet on sports from Norway, to get the most out out your experience, you would probably prefer to be able to register a betting account in Norwegian Krone so you may deposit and withdraw your native national currency without having to exchange funds.  Luckily, there are several great options that offer NOK accounts, and in many cases they offer a Norwegian language website version as well.  

Be careful as you look to find the right NOK betting sites.  Many sportsbook review sites currently promote betting sites explicitly to Norwegian audiences that DO NOT offer Norwegian Krone accounts.  When you look to register, you will be able to set your account to NOK.  If you don’t see the Krone as an option, don’t finish your registration.  You’ll lose up to 5% of the value of each transaction due to hidden exchange fees if you play in another currency.  Save your money for your bets.  As such, these are the best betting sites for Norway below, note the bonus offers below the list.

Norwegian Krone Bookmaker Banking Methods

To ensure you save on exchange fees, you also need to deposit and withdraw funds directly in Norwegian Kroner.  Popular e-wallet companies like EcoPayz, Neteller and Skrill offer NOK balances and will work with many betting sites from Norway, simply check the availability at each site. Bank transfers and credit cards are also often available, e-wallets may provide you with a higher level of privacy.  PayPal is not generally available as an NOK banking method for sports betting.  Be careful with Entropay and NOK payments.  They don’t offer NOK balances, so any payments you use with them will include currency exchange fees.  So unless your betting account is going to be in USD, EUR or GBP, best to work with a method that allows for direct Krone transactions.

About the Norwegian Krone

The krone, with sign: 'kr' and three letter code: NOK, is the currency of Norway. It is subdivided into 100 øre, which exist only electronically since 2012. Cash transactions are rounded to the nearest krone

Norwegian Krone History

The Rigsdaler was used as the main form of currency in Norway until the year 1816.  At this point in time, Denmark and Norway were part of a political union, and thus, Danish currency was circulated in Norway.  In 1816, Norges Bank, the modern central bank of Norway, was established.  With this, the monetary unit of Norway was changed to Speciedaler. In 1875, Norway joined the Scandinavian Monetary Union and adopted the Krone as its official currency. The union lasted until 1914, but all nations of the union kept their respective currencies after leaving.  The currency has been free floating in the market since 1992.  Over its history, the Krone’s value was pegged at value of both gold and silver, as well as being pegged at various multiple values of the US Dollar, Pound Sterling and against the German Reichsmark during the occupation of World War II.

The Norwegian Krone in World Currency Markets

The krone was the thirteenth most traded currency in the world by value in April 2010.  The currency against which the Norwegian krone is most traded is the Euro.  See NOK to EUR rate now.

Comparing Odds at Norwegian Krone Betting sites

Some prospective bettors in Norway may be interested in getting the maximum potential value for their stake money.  Potential payouts can differ significantly between online bookmakers.  Identifying the highest possible returns comes through the comparison of odds.  While this is an important concept, it is also important to know that the odds and payouts that are displayed are coming from betting sites that are right for Norwegian bettors - and that means betting sites that offer NOK accounts.  This is why is the odds comparison site that is probably best for bettors in Norway as they only display odds from top Norway betting sites that offer Norwegian Krone accounts and payment methods.  After all, why look to maximize potential payouts on one hand, only to have to lose money on currency exchange fees on the other hand.  

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