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When you want to start betting on sports from Russia, you likely want to deposit, bet and withdraw Russian Rubles to avoid currency exchange fees. Find out which betting sites offer Russian Ruble accounts.  

Russian Ruble Bookmaker Banking Methods

Neteller is the most popular e-wallet payment solution provider that supports Russian Ruble balances to complement your Ruble betting account so you may avoid exchange fees.  All three Russia betting sites above support Neteller. Other Ruble banking methods may include Webmoney, Moneta, Yandex or Qiwi in addition to many other methods.  Be careful with Entropay.  It is often listed as a Ruble payment method.  However, Entropay Virtual Visa cards are only available in USD, EUR and GBP, so while you could use it to fund your Ruble account, there will be currency exchange fees.  

If for some reason you are unconcerned with Ruble betting and just want to know the top online bookmakers that serve Russia regardless of available currency, there are more names available to you, but you will need to set your account to another currency like the Euro.

Russian Ruble Bookmakers

About the Russian Ruble

The Russian ruble or rouble has the ign: ₽, and the three-letter code: RUB.  The ruble is subdivided into 100 kopeks. The ruble was the currency of the Russian Empire and of the Soviet Union (the Soviet ruble). The ruble was the world's first decimal currency in 1704 one ruble became legally equal to 100 kopeks.  The Ruble is issued by the Bank of Russia, that country's central bank.

Russian Ruble History

The ruble is the second oldest national currency, the Pound sterling being the oldest. The ruble has been the currency used in the Russian territories since the 1200s, although it has existed in several iterations throughout the various eras of Russian history. With respect to the modern ruble, the coins and notes that existed within the old Soviet Republic have been removed from circulation, only the most recent iteration exists in circulation.  There was a period where Soviet and post-Soviet Ruble were circulating concurrently.

Russian Ruble in the World Currency Markets

The most popular foreign currency against which the Ruble is traded is the Euro.  See RUB to EUR rate now.  

Exchanging Russian Rubles to Bet on Sports?

If you do have to exchange rubles in order to start betting online from Russia, ensure you only exchange funds once for each deposit or withdrawal.  Do not introduce a third currency as this will add a layer of hidden conversion costs.  Ruble to Euro is far better than Ruble to Euro to British Pound.

If you already have a funding source like an e-wallet or virtual pre-paid credit card in another base currency, look to set your betting account to that same currency.  Example: if you already have an Entropay account in Euros for online purchases and you wish to use it to fund your betting site account, ensure you also set your betting account currency to Euros as you will not be able to change this setting afterwards.  

Comparing Odds at Russian Ruble Betting Sites

As a prospective online bettor from Russia, you may be interested in getting the maximum potential payouts for your bets, whether on singles, combinations or systems wagers.  Potential payouts can range widely between betting sites.  Finding the best odds comes through odds comparison.  While this is an important idea, it is also important to find the best odds from the right betting sites for people in Russia, and this includes the question of currency availability.  This is why is likely the best odds comparison site for sports bettors in Russia as they clearly display which top Russia betting sites offer Russian Ruble accounts and payment methods in their odds comparison display, so prospective bettors can make a properly informed choice about where to play.