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The Taka is not a currency that is available at any reputable betting site.  You might find it at disreputable sites, but you should avoid those and stick with proper brands.

When you want to start betting on sports from Bangladesh, you likely want to deposit, bet and withdraw Bangladeshi Taka to avoid currency exchange fees. Find out which betting sites offer Bangladeshi Taka accounts.

Exchanging Bangladesh Taka to bet on sports

If you do have to exchange the Taka in order to start betting online from Bangladesh, ensure you only exchange funds once for each deposit or withdrawal.  Don’t introduce a third currency as this will add a layer of conversion costs. Taka to Euro is far better than Taka to Euro to Pound.

If you already have a funding source like an e-wallet or credit card in another base currency, try to set your betting account to that currency.  Example: if you already have a Skrill account in Euros for online purchases and you wish to use it to fund your bookmaker account, ensure you also set your betting account currency to Euros.

About the Bangladesh Taka

The Bangladeshi Taka, with sign 'Tk' and code 'BDT' is the currency of the People's Republic of Bangladesh. Issuance of most of the larger bill denominations is controlled by Bangladesh Bank, smaller bills are controlled by the Ministry of Finance.  One Taka is subdivided into 100 poisha.  The Taka was introduced in 1972, one year after independence for Bangladesh.

The Bangladesh Taka as Traded in World Currency Markets

The most traded against foreign currency for the Bangladesh Taka is the Euro.  Convert BDT to EUR now.

Bangladesh Sports Betting Bonuses

If you are not really concerned about the need to wager in the Taka,  you still need to know which betting sites will accept your registration based in Bangladesh.  Not all betting sites accept customers from all countries, and many do not serve Bangladesh.  The online bookmakers listed below will accept bettors from Bangladesh.  Click on any associated ‘Review’ button to read more information about each company.  Find Bangladesh bonus offers below.

Bangladeshi Taka Bookmakers

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