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New Zealand Dollar Bookies

When you want to start betting on sports from New Zealand, you likely want to deposit, bet and withdraw New Zealand Dollars to avoid currency exchange fees. Find out which betting sites offer New Zealand Dollar accounts.

If you want to bet on sports from New Zealand, whether on the All Blacks or any other team, it is important to be able to register your account with a betting site that offers accounts in New Zealand Dollars so you may deposit, bet and withdraw in your home currency so you can save up to 5% in exchange fees on each transaction.

Many New Zealanders simply register with highly visible brands that operate in nearby Australia, but the reality is that with those companies, you’d have to play in Australian Dollars rather than New Zealand Dollars.  Furthermore, Australian-serving companies create special sites that strip out casino and poker offerings due to Australian regulations.  You can enjoy these offerings by signing up with the main brand at their regular website, Kiwis can simply  get more choice with the regular sites while saving on currency conversion fees with these top sites.  See NZD bonus offers at the base of the page or visit the top New Zealand betting sites.

New Zealand Dollar Bookmaker Banking Methods

Skrill, EcoPayz and Poli are popular payment methods that are compatible with NZD and are available for bookmaker banking from New Zealand.  Check your chosen bookmaker to find current availability as they can change over time.  Credit cards, debit cards and bank transfers are other possible methods for you.  

You should however take care with regard to Entropay,  Entropay is often listed as an NZD payment method.  Entropay virtual Visa numbers are a great method for online payments, but they are only available in USD, EUR and GBP.  So although you could technically use Entropay to fund your New Zealand Dollar betting account, you would have to exchange funds twice to do so.  

Here’s what happens: If you have New Zealand Dollar base funding source and betting account, you would exchange funds once to load the Entropay card and then exchange these funds again at the betting site to fill your NZD betting account.   Both currency exchanges will include hidden fees.

About the New Zealand Dollar

The New Zealand dollar with sign '$',  code 'NZD', is the currency and legal tender of New Zealand and the Cook Islands. Within New Zealand, it is almost always abbreviated with the dollar sign ($).  Sometimes 'NZ$' is used to distinguish it from other dollar-denominated currencies.

New Zealand Dollar History

The New Zealand Dollar was introduced in 1967 by the Reserve Bank of New Zealand.  Prior to that, the New Zealand pound was the country's currency and had been distinct from the British Pound since 1933.  The main change that occurred with the switch from the pound to the dollar was the decimalization of the dollar, as the pound worked from a system where a pound was divided into 20 shillings and each shilling divided into 12 pence.  New Zealand wanted the simplicity of a decimal-based currency.  At first, the NZD was pegged  against the US Dollar at the rate of 1.62 USD to 1 NZD.  This rate changed several times until 1985 when it began to float freely in the market.

New Zealand Dollar as Traded in World Currency Markets

The New Zealand dollar, sometimes called the 'Kiwi dollar', is consistently one of the 10 most traded currencies in the world.  Despite the proximity in geography to Australia, which has its own heavily traded currency, the foreign currency that is most traded against the New Zealand dollar is the US Dollar.  View NZD to USD rate now.  View NZD to AUD rate now.

Comparing Odds at New Zealand Dollar Betting sites

As a prospective online bettor from New Zealand, you may wish to get the maximum potential payout for your single, combination or system wagers.  Potential payouts can vary significantly between online bookmakers and you can finding the best odds through comparison.  This is an important idea, but it is also important to find the best odds from the right betting sites for people in New Zealand and that includes the currency availability.  Why look at odds from betting sites that do not offer your native currency?  It’s a waste of your time given the exchange fees that you would lose to play with these sites.  This is why is likely the best odds comparison site for sports bettors in New Zealand as they only display odds from New Zealand betting sites that offer New Zealand Dollar accounts and payment methods.

New Zealand Sports Betting Bonuses

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