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When you want to start betting on sports from Switzerland, you likely want to deposit, bet and withdraw Swiss Francs to avoid currency exchange fees.  Find out which betting sites offer Swiss Franc accounts.

Swiss Franc Bookmakers

When you want to bet on sports from Switzerland, it makes sense to search out the possibility of registering your betting account in Swiss Francs so you may deposit and withdraw your native national currency without having to exchange funds.  Not every reputable betting site offers CHF accounts.  If you were to play in another currency, you would lose about 5% of the value of each amount you transact, every time you make a deposit or withdrawal.  Save your money for your bets and play using the best Swiss franc betting sites listed below.  See bonus offers at the base of the page.

Swiss Franc Bookmaker Banking Methods

Skrill, EcoPayz and Neteller are popular e-wallet payment solution providers that offer Swiss Franc balances to complement your CHF bookmaker account so you may avoid exchange fees.  Check with each respective bookie as the availability of each can change from time to time.  Debit cards, credit cards and bank transfers are popular methods.  The one often-listed CHF payment method with which you should be careful is Entropay.  

About the Swiss Franc

The franc with symbol fr, three-letter code 'CHF', is the currency and legal tender of Switzerland and Liechtenstein.  The franc is issued by the Swiss National Bank.

Swiss Franc History

For a period of time in the 1800s, the various 19 cantons of Switzerland each had their own 'frank' currency.  By 1850, the federal government moved to consolidate the various currencies to a single Swiss Franc and was introduced at a value on par with the French franc.  In 1865, Switzerland joining with France, Italy and Belgium in an effort to peg the value of their respective currencies at both a certain amount of gold, and another amount of silver.  By the 1930s the Franc became pegged against the US Dollar.  

Swiss Franc in World Currency Markets

Historically, the Swiss franc has been seen as a safe haven currency given that Swiss laws ensured that 40% of the currency value was backed 40% in gold reserves.  This laws has since changed, but the franc still enjoys this reputation.  The most traded against currency for the Swiss franc is the Euro.  View CHF to Euro rate now.  

Comparing Odds at Swiss Franc Betting Sites

As a prospective bettor from Switzerland, you might wish to find the maximum potential payouts for your bets of interest, be they singles, combinations or multiples.  Odds can vary significantly between providers.  Finding the best odds comes through a process of odds comparison.  Although this is an important concept, it is also important for bettors to use an odds comparison service that understand that being able to play in your currency may be paramount.  That’s why is the odds comparison site that is probably best for sports bettors in Switzerland, as they clearly display which Switzerland betting sites offer Swiss Franc accounts and banking methods in their display of odds and potential payouts.

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